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Forum Terms and Conditions


Forum Users are expected to abide by the following terms and conditions. Becoming a member of the forum denotes acceptance of the following terms and conditions in their entirety.

Failure to follow the terms and conditions may lead to suspension or deletion of member accounts. If applicable, your attention is drawn to the specific terms and conditions addressing membership of those under 16 years of age at the foot of this page

Forum users who wish to report a prima facie breach of the terms and conditions below are requested to contact the administrators by PM and/or the e-mail address found below.

Users are asked to note that the nature of this forum is such that it cannot be moderated every minute of the day, and they are requested to allow a reasonable time between reporting any offending posts and action by the administrative team.

The administrators cannot guarantee the accuracy, veracity or content of links posted to other sites over which the administrators of this forum have no editorial control or proprietorial interest, and users are advised to exercise due caution when following such links.


Not Permitted

  • posting links to websites of an explicit adult nature , or which promote extreme opinions which may cause offence
  • posting links to websites which encourage criminal behaviour
  • threatening or abusive behaviour towards another member member (including via personal messaging)
  • grooming
  • trolling
  • spamming
  • the expression of racist, homophobic or other extremist views which clearly go beyond the bounds of 'banter' as it would be perceived by a reasonable individual, or links to sites propounding such views. The administrators' and moderators' judgement on posts that infringe the ‘banter’ criterion is final
  • forum users must also respect local laws and customs when and where applicable - by way of example, links to overseas websites which breach UK court reporting restrictions or injunctions are not permitted
  • we regret that because of spamming attempts, members must make a certain number of posts before their posted links and profile homepage will be displayed. We hope this does not spoil your enjoyment of the forum; this policy is designed to cut down on the number of annoying spam links which irritate all forum users


  • post links to other websites
  • upload an avator (please keep it to a maximum width of 180 pixels)
  • post pictures and files
  • edit posts up to 60 minutes after submitting them
  • send private messages to another member 
  • use your private inbox
  • if you want your own posts deleted or want to report a post submitted by another member, please send a PM to one of the forum administrators 
  • Members can advertise their business in their signature, subject to the following conditions:
    1. Submit* link and nature of business for approval.
    2. Must be reputable business (i.e. not illegal or which might bring forum into disrepute).
    3. Members can only advertise their own personal website/business.
    4. Banner ads are not permitted.

*Submit by Private Message to an administrator.


The administrators reserve the right to edit, delete, suspend and ban as they see fit, in the interest of keeping the forum free from offensive and libellous material, even if this means contravening one of the privileges noted in the 'Permitted' list.

These rules apply to private messages as well; if you receive any private messages which you want to report for offensive content, please PM a forum administrator.


Users are asked to note that while the administrators and moderators take care to ensure that links to external websites meet the above criteria, for permissibility, they cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites.

The accuracy of posts on this forum itself cannot be guaranteed, and users should exercise appropriate levels of caution before following advice offered. The administrators and moderators will not be held liable for the outcome of the actions taken by forum users that are based upon advice offered in good faith by other members of this board.

Any user who believes that a web link does not conform to the forum policy outlined above is asked to notify the administrators either via PM or the e-mail address found elsewhere on this page to raise their concerns. The Admin team cannot act if they aren't aware that there is a problem...

Users choosing to provide any form of personal information to external websites linked to by other forum users do so entirely at their own risk.

The administrators therefore advise all users to exercise caution when following external links.

Finally, users are respectfully reminded that this is a forum which primarily (but not exclusively) discusses football. Debate may at times be heated and the banter occasionally harsh as is often the case when discussing our sport. Users must therefore be prepared to accept robust dialogue and debate.



Parents and Kids (under 16 years of age) 



This forum is not suitable for children as it may contain strong language and/or humour of an adult nature.

The site administrators suggest that this forum is only suitable for people 16 years of age or above. Parents are invited to use their own discretion as to whether or not they will permit their children to make use of this forum.

Those under 16 years must seek permission from their parents prior to joining, and should be under supervision when accessing the forum. If this condition is proven to be breached, the administrators reserve the right to suspend or even delete a user account

Agreement by parents for those below 16 years of age to use this forum accepts all the terms, conditions and caveats set out in the formal Forum Terms and Conditions above.

If parents suspect that attempts have been made/are being undertaken to make inappropriate contact with their child, they are asked to inform the administrators immediately so that action may be taken. The administrators will, if necessary and appropriate, involve the appropriate authorities.

If you have any concerns at all, you can send a PM to a forum administrator.


   Football Italia Forum » Forum Terms and Conditions

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