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Your forum updates

Purpose of this thread:

  • Members to give suggestions or opinions for changes to the forum features or appearance.
  • Administrators to give updates as to what changes have recently occured.

Suggestions and opinions will be deleted about a week after the changes have been made in order to keep the thread as a quick How to do... guide for members.


Curva Fiesole


Mods can;
Edit other members posts
Delete other member posts

Admins can;
Edit other members posts
Delete other member posts
Ban/suspend other members
Alter the setup of the forum (ie. number of minutes users are allowed to edit their posts, word sensors, alter users' permissions)

Rankings for number of posts:

New member 1
Occasional Poster 10
Fairly Regular Poster 20
Regular Poster 30

Forum is now ad-free of those google ads.

If anyone can still see the ads, clear the cookies relating to this forum, if you still see them let me know.

Credit and thanks to forum member nino (Doo Wop) for creating the new banner at the top.

Date/time Display

If you want the date and time to appear the same as the C4 forum, I recommend to set the date and time in your profile by copying and pasting the following:

d-m-y  H:i


These need to be kept at a maximum width of 180pixels, maximum height of 300pixels, to keep the appearance of the forum consistant, hence; prevent making everyone's message compressed.

Changing Usernames

If anyone wants to change their username (i.e. would like to change a letter to caps, or just wants a totally different username) can do so by sending a private message to any of the Administators.

Video Clips

You can now embed your football videos into your posts using the following code:

[video]URL LINK[/video]

You can set the size as you wish (i.e. it doesn't have to be 24, that's just for the example)


The following title and url link...

[size=24]Flight of the Conchords - Business Time[/size]

...will look like...

Flight of the Conchords - Business Time


Add to Favourites

This button has replaced the link to , however this button will only work with Internet Explorer as no code exists to make it work with FireFox.

Video BBcode

This button has been added in the Post a Reply page, like so...

Last Visited

A new column has been added in the Memberlist page which displays the date of when each member last logged into the forum...this can be removed if there's a desire for it!

Adding Your Club Name Above Your Avatar

You can have your clubs show above your avatar like any of the three examples below;

One club will show like...

Two clubs (country) will show like...

Multiple clubs will show like...

Other members will see your club in your profile like...

How to add your clubs...

Click on the Profile link at the top of the page, shown below...

Scroll down your Profile page until you see the My Clubs: field and enter your clubs...

Then scroll dow to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button.

Adverts in Signatures
Members can advertise their business in their signature, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Submit* link and nature of business for approval.
  2. Must be reputable business (i.e. not illegal or which might bring forum into disrepute).
  3. Members can only advertise their own personal website/business.
  4. Banner ads are not permitted.

*Submit by Private Message to an administrator.

Added to the Forum Terms and Conditions


From day 1 of the forum, back in August/September 2007, search engines have been dissallowed from crawling the following pages below, so personal data i.e. email addresses , are not obtained by google or spamming crawlers, so you have never received spam because of being a member of this forum.

Disallow: /admin/
Disallow: /db/
Disallow: /images/
Disallow: /includes/
Disallow: /language/
Disallow: /templates/
Disallow: /common.php
Disallow: /config.php
Disallow: /faq.php
Disallow: /groupcp.php
Disallow: /login.php
Disallow: /memberlist.php
Disallow: /modcp.php
Disallow: /posting.php
Disallow: /privmsg.php
Disallow: /profile.php
Disallow: /search.php
Disallow: /viewonline.php


The links and text in the footer of the forum which are for search engine purposes are no longer visible when you are logged into the forum, as there is no need for these links other than for search engines, and search engines are prevented from logging into the forum.

The Merge link is also only visible to admins and mods now, as no-one else had the access the use this feature anyway.

So basically it should be less clustered at the bottom of the forum when you are logged in.


The header was re-built as it was not showing flush in some browser versions. 'Add to Favourites' button removed also.

Bookmark | Print | Email

Functions added to top-right of thread menu and top-right within each thread. Bookmark function allows members to share the forum on their social networking site. (spread the word!    )

EPL Fantasy Football League

Removed banner from the bottom of the forum.

If someone wants to setup an EPL fantasy league for the forum, we will of course re-instate the banner.

Forum Terms and Conditions

Previously the link to the T&C's was only on the index page.

A lot of new members might actually enter the forum on the main page (due to the way we instruct google to direct visitors to the main page) and never have seen the index page, so we've moved the link to the T&C's to the bottom of all the non-thread pages.

If anyone wants to add or remove a particular T or C, post it here and we'll guage the opinion's of the membership for any proposal. Obviously, we have to cover our ass when it comes to libellous material though.

Italian Serie A Football FanCast

Banner added to the bottom of the forum.

They will mention the forum from time to time and will link back to us aswel.

A new podcast recording is added to their website every Wednesday evening, on Champions League weeks they add a new podcast on Thursday (instead of Wednesday).
They interview distinguished journalists, so it's a good feature for the forum.

Thanks to delpiero for refering the forum to the FanCast website.

Update to Forum Terms and Conditions

We have updated the T&C's so we ask every member to read them again. The updates are marked in red.

We haven't changed the moderating level so there will be nothing to worry about, it is only from various legal examples that forum administrators can no longer rely on the good sense of 99.999% of the membership and have to spell things out a bit more clearly.

In otherwords, we're covering ourselves.

Link to Forum Terms and Conditions

Accessing the forum on a mobile phone

Now if you access the forum via a mobile that falls into one of these groups:

(up-browser)|(blackberry)|(windows ce)|symbian|palm|nokia

you will get a stripped down template that is much more usable.

There is a toggle switch to change from mobile view to full view.

As for Safari on an iPhone, go to your Safari settings and change the 'Accept Cookies' option to 'always'.

Also the forum is more friendly now for touch screen.

Some more tweeks will be made.

Link Blocked

New forum members have their posted links blocked from showing, this is to deter spammers.

Report Post button

There is now a button in the top-right corner of each post, the button with the big red R, so members can report posts. When you submit a report it will be reviewed by the first moderator or administrator online.

You can choose the following options from a dropdown list;
  1. Delete my post
  2. Link to adult/offensive website
  3. Threatening/Abusive behaviour
  4. Grooming
  5. Trolling
  6. Spamming
  7. Extremist views beyond 'banter'
  8. Details entered in report

As you can see, you can request for your own post to be deleted, however this option is not to be used on a whim and grammar/spelling will not be fixed. You can edit or delete your own post within 60 minutes of posting it anyway.

If you can not log in to the forum then send an email stating your username to

Countries Banned - China and Vietnam

Due to the persistence of human spammers we have carried out an audit of the member registrations.

The findings were as follows;
  • 32 China
    • 31 human spammers
    • 1 genuine member (this member joined on 20th July 2009, posted once, last visit 22nd July 2009)

  • 10 Vietnam
    • 10 human spammers

Due to a combination of the fact that these two countries have produced;
  1. no members who have integrated into the forum community
  2. contributed to 90+% of the human spamming on the forum

We have decided to ban these two countries as a last resort.
This means anyone originating from the IP ranges of these two countries will not be able to register/login. Visitors from within these IP ranges will still be able to view the forum as a guest.

We understand this can raise the contentious issue of freedom of the internet, and whether an administrator's job is to moderate rather than take the 'easy way out'.
However, we do not have the time nor resources to deal with the lack of action and laziness from Internet Service Providers (ISP's) that cover these IP ranges.
While these ISP's can't do everything, they are clearly doing nothing.

Due to the fact that geolocations of IP ranges was ineffectively enforced in the earlier half of the internet era (though it is much better now than 10 years ago) there are still some stray IP ranges hanging around so we can not guarantee that every computer in these two countries will be banned, and for the same reason we can not guarantee that every computer outside of these two countries will not be banned, so if you can not login then email us and we will unban your IP range.

I can assure you this measure was not done on a whim, and likewise we will never ban a country from where an active member of the forum originates even if that country contributes many human spammers in the future, instead we will just put up with the increased moderation rather than ban even one active member.

Quote's linking to original post

The quote function has been changed so now you can click on the word "wrote" beside the username, and it will take you to that username's original post.

Example: If you click on the "wrote" below it will take you to flotron's original post earlier in the thread.

flotron wrote:
van Basten wrote:
flotron wrote:
Just noticed that this forum comes up 2nd when you google "football forum", still not noticed a massive influx of users though....

Appears on the third page of a google search for me.

Google search is a mysterious beast, if i search by typing in "football forum" then it appears 2nd, but if i highlight the phrase in firefox, right click and search from there then it is on the third page.

The same thing happens if I log out of my google profile and then perform the search. Google must custom the search based on what it knows about me... hence it comes in 2nd

New Domain Name

The forum will be marketed as

In otherwords, google search engine has been instructed to pick up on it, the main banner links to this new domain, the forum twitter a/c links to it and we would prefer if you use this new domain when linking to the forum from other forums or blogs (but it's your choice obviously). New visitors may land on the new domain. Basically, members posting links to other threads might post the new domain, but now you know why, so there shouldn't be any confusion.

The sub-domain, will always still work so you don't have to change your bookmarks.

You will have to login for the first time on the new domain if you want to use it, because your browser will then have two separate cookies, one for each domain, though identical.
Edit: if you switch between domains the status of unread threads will still be correct for you.

This does not require any action from members, you continue 'as is', (unless you want to login to the new domain).

If you have any questions please ask, no matter how silly you might think the question is, because chances are someone else wants to know the answer as well.
Edit: i'm away for the weekend so questions will be answered on Monday.

We are just trying to come across as more 'official'.

Also, despite the recent closure of a few other italian football forums, we are going nowhere, the forum is low cost, almost as cheap as Ryanair!

Myles wrote:
New Domain Name

The forum will be marketed as

In otherwords, google search engine has been instructed to pick up on it, the main banner links to this new domain, the forum twitter a/c links to it....

Slight change... instead of the main banner in the header always linking to , instead the main banner will link to the index page of whichever domain you are logged into.

So the banner links to either; or depending on which domain you are logged into.

This eliminates the problem where those logged in on were getting logged out when they clicked on the main banner.

Link & Signature blocks

The lenghty orange sentences (Link blocked & Signature blocked) that appeared instead of links and signatures on new members posts have been removed. Links and signatures for new members will appear blank in their posts until they reach the threshold. The admins deemed the orange sentences to be too intrusive on posts.

The orange sentences have instead been moved to the profile page so new members still have an explanation as to why their links and signatures are not initially appearing.

The ads were removed earlier today, i know they weren't intrusive but they did slow the page loading times so the site will load the webpages quicker now and the speed of the forum is always the priority as usual.
So the forum is also public again now.

The internal search function isn't good enough as it doesn't search common keywords, which makes sense in certain situations as there is no point in searching something like 'forum' but the problem is that also some of the club names are too common so if you include 'Juventus' along with other terms like 'Juventus against Cesena' it will only search 'against Cesena' instead because 'Juventus' is considered too common. Obviously this isn't good enough and doesn't make sense for an italian football forum so i'll look into using google as the search engine to search the forum instead. So basically it will probably result in getting rid of the current internal search engine function and replacing it with just a field box (powered by google), maybe above the thread list beside the 'Mark all topics read' link on the forum1.php page, or floating to the right of that so it'll be where the old 'addthis' function use to be.
I'm not a big fan of using third-party features because they tend to slow the page loading times, like addthis, facebook and twitter buttons use to do when we had those on the site a few years ago, but i think google should be good by this stage so we'll see how it goes. I'll do this over the next few days and let you know when it's permanent (on a beta/testing level).

Had these on the site before, or definitely had twitter on the site before, but their servers were terrible at the time. They have since improved this and i said i would revisit it in 2 years so now is the time to test this again. Probably looking at January for this as i want to see google search go for a few weeks first rather than implement everything at the same time and not know which, if any, are the cause of slowing page loading.

New members registration
The registration page has been shortened so it only requires new members to enter username and password so that the registration is quick and easy as possible. Then once their account is activated they will receive an email telling them that they can enter other info i.e. clubs, etc. The only extra is the visual confirmation which was re-implemented in the last few days to stop robot (spam) registrations. So registration is quick and hassle free for new members.
Lupo Pazzesco

Thanks Myles & I'm loving that avatar!

Thanks for the update Myles.

Lupo Pazzesco wrote:
Thanks Myles & I'm loving that avatar!

Got it off the Juve page on Wikipedia, first team photo 1898 apparently.

Bit of an auld dilemma on the search engine front.
Not sure what you guys would prefer, you might find one or other annoying, i dunno, so i'll do two different examples and see which you prefer. I'll post them in next few days.

What's the story, the page loading is still a bit slow, especially when submitting a post. That's annoying. I'll check with the hoster tomorrow.

Its Christmas Myles, fake snow is needed.

I don't have time tonight so I'll throw them up tomorrow.

Ctrl+F5 will load the Christmas decorations.


Sorry about the ads and the pages jumping up and down when loading. This is due to the hosters ads. I planned to get rid of these before the start of the league but I can't until o find my passport. Eh? You ask! The adfree package can only be paid via paypal and they've blocked my spending until I send them a copy of my passport.  Why? Because my PayPal account was accessed from China so they blocked it on suspicion which is fair enough and good on their part too. The funny thing is, it was accessed from China because I logged onto paypal at halftime of the super cup and i was using a Chinese proxy on my LAN settings to watch the match from a local station because no one in europe seem to be showing it. Dumb mistake on my part.

As soon as I find my passport and sort out the paypal account I'll get rid of the ads...and I'll be able to book that holiday to zakyinthos in fast approaching September.
Lupo Pazzesco

Thanks for the update, Myles. Do we need to have a whip round to help with the costs?

Nah it's no big deal, only 25-30 euro every 6 months, cheers though.
Once i get the paypal account sorted i can pay it.

I don't understand the logic of the finance law that states i have to provide a photo ID to an online company that will never see my face so can't even verify the photo is me! The reason it's logical for banks is because you have to go into the bank in person to show a photo ID.


Ads were removed this week.

Search feature

Trying to get this to function seemlessly on the forum1.php page but because google loads after the internal pages it makes the forum1.php jump before it settles which is a shame because everything else about the google custom search works much better than the internal search engine. You probably notice when you load other load-heavy websites (like online newspaper websites) that they jump up and down and load-stop-load before settling, that kind of thing is annoying so that's what i'm trying to eliminate on the search feature before putting it on the forum1.php page. So a few more days on this and then it'll either be on the forum1.php page (if seemless) or on an alternate page if still not so seemless.


Myles, is there a reason there's no edit button for posts at the moment?

Sorry my bad, I was testing something out and forgot to change it back. It should be working now.

Basically i was trying to see if it's possible to configure it so that yourself and Dels can make new threads as 'announcements' and back to 'normal'.

I've extended out the edit time for posts to 3 days temporarily incase anyone wants to edit their posts from the last few days while the edit feature was switched off.

OK, cheers Myles.

Is the forum loading real slow for anyone else the last 24 hours?

If it is I'll sort it out tomorrow, let me know if it is though.

Maybe it's just my machines.

It's running fine for me.

The facebook share button on the top post of each page was not my implementation.
I've made my opinion known to the hoster for rolling out a feature still in beta and using the live forum as a sandbox.

I've moved the facebook share button 10,000 pixels to the left so you won't see it (unless you visit the forum on a screen the size of a two-story house).

Some of you would have seen this message (or a variation) in the header of the forum, of the host running a crowd funding round.

I don't recommend donating to the crowd funding appeal.

Crowd funding is for startups run by founders who are still enthusiastic about their idea, the myff has been lacking this for some time.

This amounts to begging so i've hidden the message, hence why you can't see it anymore.

The forum can be moved to if myff closes down, it's not a big deal.
Lupo Pazzesco

I saw this yesterday and was wondering what to post?!?! The sum involved at 10K seems enormous to myself and a bit unrealistic as well. At least the forum will live on...... Thanks Myles for your considered opinion, it's much appreciated.

Thanks Myles for the update.  I'd seen the 2 different messages but didn't really know what to make of it with regards to this forum.  Atleast we have some clarity now.

Yeah, thanks Myles.

Testing time change. Post at 2:19am GMT+1, BST.

Move to another place ? This place is still the new place to me.

me too

Google have started ranking 'mobile first' sites higher so if we moved i could make the forum render better on phones.

Probably the biggest problem with the forum though is that google are going to start putting warnings on their search index beside sites that don't have the secure protocol https in their url, so no-one will sign up on a site that google is telling them is not to be trusted.

I suppose no one signs up anymore anyway but if the forum rendered better on phones maybe we'd get new active members occasionally.

I've told this to the hoster on his support forum before he started begging, and he deleted the post, then said it was deleted by mistake. Bit of a coincidence that the only post that i criticized him was the only post out of 352 posts that he deleted. I basically told him to concentrate on these things instead of facebook share buttons. Once google bring out the https rule any site that doesn't have it will be goners.

Technically the forum would be moving but the only change from your point of view would be the domain changing from to, the appearance, threads, posts, profiles, usernames and passwords would all be carried over so the forum would be the exact same except for the domain name being


Ignore the new announcement on the top, it's just amateur week again in MyFF.

The announcement is not in an element with a css class so i can't hide it this time.

Apparently MyFF are teaming up with Tapatalk but there'll be no change from our point of view.

They could just email this stuff to the forum owners instead of being melodramatic and making forum users concerned for no reason. Not to mention invasive announcements.

Myles wrote:
Ignore the new announcement on the top, it's just amateur week again in MyFF.

The announcement is not in an element with a css class so i can't hide it this time.

Apparently MyFF are teaming up with Tapatalk but there'll be no change from our point of view.

They could just email this stuff to the forum owners instead of being melodramatic and making forum users concerned for no reason. Not to mention invasive announcements.

Thanks for that Myles

Indeed. Thanks Myles.

Liam and Dels have been given permissions to change threads from Normal to Announcement/Sticky and vice-versa, to facilitate the prediction games. By default they had to be given Moderator permissions to enable this feature, however Liam and Dels will not be moderating. Verno and Jay are the moderators.

I'll moderate you, I'll moderate you all. Ahahahahaha.


When I have a drunken rambling moment. I'll just blame it on Verno.

Be my guest. I can make you say what I like. Dance puppets, dance.

Not that I would obv.  
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