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Lupo Pazzesco

Why's Mancini back at Inter?

I'd be interested to know forum members' thoughts?

I voted for the lucre because i'm sure he stated before that he never really supported any club but used to have a Platini in Juve jersey poster on his wall as a kid, but i think that was more a love for Platini than Juve. Although i think apparently he does like Juve. I don't think he has any great love for Inter though.

No real issue with him doing it for the money, sure i only work in my job for the money to pay for cans and junk food on a Friday night.  

I never understood why Mazzari left Napoli for Inter, he would've had a better chance winning something with Napoli with De Laurentis backing. Inter were kind of on the way down and Napoli were on the up.

He's back to make it extra special when Juve spank Internaztionale. Obviously.

he had a poster of Platini as a kid???

he 50 years old!

Platini isn't that much older is he?

There was 10 years between them.
Platini was player of the year 3 in a row when Mancini was a teenager so i think it's plausible.

I think Mancini's a better coach now than he was when he was at Inter before, and I do think it's probably the right job for him at this point.  His previous achievements will buy him time from the fans and board, whilst the poor performances over the last 2/3 years will mean there shouldn't be an immediate expectation to win trophies too soon.

My main doubts over Mancini tend to be about his character.  His ending at Inter before seemed messy with his initial resignation and then change of heart, and rumours of fallings out with the squad.

It'll be interesting to see how he handles having to develop a team, and not having a lot of stars bought for him like before, and when he was in England.
Lupo Pazzesco

I think it's a retrograde step but it shows the influence of the old guard at Inter. Unless they sell a star player for big bucks, Mancini will be working with loans, free transfers & a limited budget. I can see it all ending in tears after he falls out with everyone but himself!

Why only two choices? Why not because he wanted a job in football by any means necessary?
Lupo Pazzesco

Bit like Hip Hop's BDP?  

And they got it from Malcolm X. Power to the people!  
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