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What if you can be the coach?

Hello everyone!

I’m currently doing my master thesis at the UCL (Belgium) on a subject that you all know very well: football
For this, i’m currently working on a concept called “Be The Coach” described on the website:
Thank you in advance for discovering it and answering the survey.
Any remarks are welcomed
Have a nice day

Please go to the third post on this thread for the link, at least until Thibaud reaches the minimum post requirement triggering the release of the link - Dave

P.S : I'll let you know the results of my survey in this thread ( normally in two months...)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --> a tweet of support from Simon Kuper, writer of "soccernomics" and  journalist at the Financial Times

Your link won't work yet because of the minimum post threshold for new members - but if you'd care to give me details of your course (I assume UCL isn't University College London, Belgium branch, even if they are into a spot of expanionism) and the name of your supervisor/tutor/faculty, then I'll confirm it's all legitimate and make sure that the link is visible.

The link is:

[The usual caveats about the admins of this site not being responsible for the contents of this external site (with which we have no connection) and that all interactions with the above site are at foro members' own risk apply, of course, although I am rather more confident about the integrity of this one based upon a PM and a spot of googling than would usually be the case]
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