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What About You

I thought since we have a lot of the same people on here for a long time, let's tell a bit about ourselves and where we are from.    

I live in Indiana just outside Chicago area.    My father's family is from Southern italia, some from Foggia area and others from Naples.   My mother's family is from Scotland, Ross County to be exact.   I started following soccer during 82 World Cup and Roma during the European Cup Final with Liverpool back in the day.   The other sport I love is basketball, which I grew up playing through various levels and still enjoy playing.  

I work with people with disabilities and have basically raised 2 young men from the time they were 11 years old,[they are now in late 20's].  I also have a daughter who just turned 26.  

Oh well, that's a little about me, How about you?

I'm in my late 20's now and have been using this forum since 2001, so about half my life!

I was born in Leicester and still live in the county.  I got into foreign football thanks to the 1994 World Cup, and then Italian football because of the coverage on Channel 4 (Like a lot my age).

I work in financial services, and have a season ticket for what is currently the beat team in England.

Liam wrote:
have a season ticket for what is currently the best team in England.


I like your story Duncan, one of my best friends has a similar job.

When it comes to Italian football I'm the very same as Liam, the world cup in 94 was the first time I really got into football in a big way. I was 14 and it was the first time I can remember I had been exposed to football outside of Scotland and England, though there are vague memories of Italia 90.

During USA 94 I jumped on the Italian/Roberto Baggio bandwagon. Which was actually a rebellion for me because I came from a background that worshipped Brazilian/Argentinian football. I watched the 94 final with people baying for Italian blood . And they got their wish as Italy lost. But I didn't stop loving Italian football.

I'm a Glasgow Rangers fan and in the 90s we were all that and more. And during the early 90s Rangers was all I knew. They were everything. We owned Scottish football. Nobody beat Rangers.

Then came my first experience of Champions League football. The 1995/96 tournament, I was all excited for Rangers, it was a great group, we got Juventus, Ajax, Steaua Bucharest.

I was at that match at Ibrox when Juventus beat Rangers 4-1. The first and only time I've seen Juventus live. I had never seen Rangers destroyed like that. It stayed with me. Juve beat Rangers 8-1 over the two legs.

So the Italian national team from 94 and the juventus team from 95/96, is the reason I'm an Italian football fan.

I love sports, I will most likely watch a sport than a tv show or movie.
It takes a great tv show and movie to get my attention.

I became a Celtic fan in the late 80's because I am a huge Boston Celtics fan and saw their name and said bingo, I will start following them too
Lupo Pazzesco

I'm in my late 40s & live in Manchester.

I have been following Serie A since Channel 4 first started showing Sunday afternoon matches in the early nineties. I also saw a few games on Sky the previous season, though I don't really remember who played as I wasn't hooked till C4 coverage started becoming a Sunday institution for myself.

I've supported Man Utd since I can remember although I've not attended a match since 2007 as part of my own anti-Glazer protest. Prior to that I was well travelled watching Utd both in England & Europe. Countries I seen Utd play include Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Belguim, Czech Republic, Denmark & Germany. I also have a soft spot for FC Utd of Mcr and Hibs

I've followed Roma since the 1993/94 season when my brother & myself decided to pick teams to make it more interesting! AS Roma became my team and he picked a very fashionable Sampdoria.

Likes: Indie/ aisan cinema, Adidas trainers, New York, casual dressing & anything to do with Italy or Japan.

Dislikes: Golf, darts, UKIP/ Tories & Rupert Murdoch.

Seeing as I'm only new to the forum i'll write just a brief bit here.

I'm 26 and from Glasgow - been a massive fan of Italian football ever since I was knee height to a grasshopper - and its all thanks to Channel 4 and the legend James Richardson. It just seemed magical back then seeing such a passionate culture for football coming from the stands having never seen Ultras before! And on the pitch all you seen was these extravagant, immaculate looking footballers - my earliest memory being Ravanelli, Mancini, Batistuta and Del Piero.
I cant really explain why I chose Sampdoria as my team, it just kind of fell into place - weird how things like that just happen. My Samp heroes of my lifetime are Mihajlovic, Palombo, Pazzini and Cassano. Many more fantastic players over the years but sadly never seen them play for the Blucerchiati as it was before my time.

My first and foremost love when it comes to Football though is Celtic, born into a Celtic family and been a supporter since i was a toddler, could say its in my blood. Season ticket holder and never miss a home match, try to get to as much away games as possible.

Love my music and fashion sense - I'm heavily into the Mod scene.

Oh, and i love beer!

How "brief" was that?

Allan. 26 and heavily into the Mod scene! More James Bond than Austin Powers I hope!

Everything Alan has put could be the same for me except one or two things.

Age: Add 20 years and a bit more.

Italian team : Genoa.

Home team: Brentford. Been going since I was 10 or 11.

The first World Cup I really remember was Mexico '86, but Italia '90 was fantastic. Not for the football really, just the atmosphere coming through the TV and that theme by Pavarotti. I think it was not long after that Channel 4 started Football Italia. While everyone else was picking Milan, Inter, Lazio or Roma I went for unfashionable Genoa. After that went off air and other things took priority I lost touch a bit. Then one of my kids got FIFA 10 (I think) and that was when my interest was re-ignited. My boys would choose to play as Barcelona, Madrid or Chelsea and would look at me as if I was mad when I suggested Genoa, Atalanta, Fiorentina etc. Although I've not even been to Genoa or Italy I used to get down in the dumps if Genoa lost as much as I do when Brentford Lose. I'm more philosophical in my old age.

Music: 60's Soul & R'n'B. Blues, Jazz, Old punk & Indie stuff. I even like folk Music. I was banned by the Wife from joining the local Morris Dancing group though. Someone might recognise me!

Go back 30 + years and I was heavily into the Mod scene too. Forget Parkas with targets on. We were way cooler than that in 84 - 87.  It never leaves you. Especially the music. Being a Mod around 84 - 87 was hazardous with Casuals, Skins and Scooter Boys all out to get you. I was good at running! I was quite liked by my local Casuals though. I think they liked my Desert Boots.

I love Beer too!
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