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The Decline of Italian Football

Dear all,

I'm a university student from Southampton Solent in England studying '"Football studies and Business".
My name is Vitale and I was born in England of Italian parents, I'm very fond of football in general but in particular Italian football. For my thesis I chose to investigate the current situation of Serie A. I therefore kindly ask for a little help expressing your opinion on the current state of Serie A answering my questions attached to this link.

Your answers will help me figure out what you think might need to be changed and in what manner, to bring back to the fans Italy most ‘loved sport’. We all have a duty to bring Italian football to its former glory known and restore its prosperity.

It would be for me an honour to include your opinions in my thesis.

I would like to thank you in advance for your attention.

I offer you my best regards
Vitale Taverna
Lupo Pazzesco

Hi, I've completed the survey & hope that helps!



10. Which aspect do you believe would potentially improve Serie A?

Bring the stands closer to the pitch, remove the running tracks.
Use crowd microphones so the atmosphere sounds better on TV like Sky do with the English leagues.
Market the league better abroad, sell the TV rights to every country in the world.
Reduce the league to 18 teams and four relegated/promoted.
Replace the Lega or everyone that works for it because they have no vision.

Posted on twitter, might get a few more contributions.

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