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Survey for a MBA dissertation regarding the Italian football

Hello everyone,

my name is Francesco and I'm a student at University of the West of Scotland. I'm working in the this period on my dissertation that regards how the Italian football teams are using the social media for their business models and targets and how they communicate with their supporters that live out of Italy (as I think most of you are).

I'm in contact with every Marketing Manager, of the whole Serie A, that  approved this survey of mine because they want to have the chance to know better the market outside Italy in order to be better in their international digital communication. Furthermore, there are no researches of this kind made in Italy by anyone.

Would you mind to spend no more than 7 minutes to complete this survey?  At the end of the survey, all the results and analysis will be sent to those managers.

Thank you for your attention and time.

You can find the survey here /

ps. I hope not to have breached any rules of this forum!
Lupo Pazzesco

I've just completed the survey so  

Lupo Pazzesco wrote:
I've just completed the survey so  

Thank you very much! Hope other guys will do the same because I did not have so many feedbacks at the moment.

C'mon guys! The results will be shared next January with the managers of the whole serie A, this is something in which you will have the advantages of the results!

 to everybody and good luck for the next matches!
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