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Supporting my Italian team


I had been following a lot of Serie A games this season and also following by reading about various Italian sides.

After seeing them in pre-season against my English club, Southampton - I settled on Udinese. Not for this alone, but also for the style and philosophy of the club. Historically, not one of the great winners but an exciting club (from where I see it).

I was just wondering if people could help with where to find out more, anything really good/important to know, or where I could find more Udinese fans. Preferably English speaking, although I realise there is not that many.

Thank you for any help


Hi, sorry that this is somewhat delayed, I've been busy lately and haven't checked this forum in a while, so I hope you're still around to read this. Welcome to the life of frustration, hope and sometimes joy, but mostly frustration, that is Udinese tifosohood! Unfortunately Udinese really isn't a very well-known club- although the relative successes of the last few seasons and more and more people talking about the "Udinese model" that has kept this little provincial team in Serie A for approaching 20 years are starting to put us on the map- and therefore so far as I can tell there aren't a great number of sites in English about the team or even English-speaking fans of Udinese.

It's easy to become a fan of and feel part of big household names like Juventus, Milan, Inter, Roma, Lazio and even clubs like Samp and Fiorentina that have a lot of resources and are very well-known, but not many people choose to become fans of small regional clubs unless they have some connection with the area the team plays in. And so, erm, yeah, English-language resources are a little tough to come by.

But to offer a few pointers in the right direction, the official Udinese website,, is translated into English, and the site this forum is affiliated with, Football Italia, is a great resource. It personally pains me a little to direct you to a paper I actually kind of hate, but Gazzetta dello Sport's website,, also has a lot of content in English.

I get the feeling this is going to be another frustrating summer mercato for us with too many players sold or loaned out to give God/Francesco Guidolin much to work with at the start of the season, but I'm sure as the season goes on he'll figure out what to do with what he has, yet again.

This is an exciting team to follow, the Pozzo family has always hired coaches with new and adventurous ideas and it's very exciting every time the club unearths and then nurtures a talented young player to stardom, but it's an excitement that's tempered by realism: namely, the knowledge that being in an essentially rural area, the team doesn't have the resources to challenge for major honours, and maybe never will. But it's still a great club to follow and even though we can't be Juventus or Milan, being a giant-killer is almost as fun, at times. Welcome to the forum, Alé Udin!  

Thanks for the advice. I'll make sure to pop in and talk when I'm free.

I've already added the site to my favourites and have updated my Twitter timeline continuously with Udinese news sources in both English and Italian.

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