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Serie A scheduling question - please advise

Hi, I will be travelling to Europe in April and May and will be in Milan from Saturday 3rd May and departing on the morning of Wednesday 7th May. I have booked tickets to the AC Milan v Inter game which is currently scheduled for 3pm Sunday 4th May, as are all the games in round 36.
However, the Serie A administration have the following stipulation:
"If the Coppa Italia final is played on Saturday 3 May, Week 36 matches will go ahead on Sunday 4 May, with one match put back to Monday 5 and a further two on Tuesday 6 May."
I have noticed that games are locked in until the end of March (round 31) at this point in time.
The likelihood is that the AC Milan vs Inter game will not be moved....but who knows. The problem I have is that I would like to take a day trip via Bologna to visit the ferrari and lamborghini museums but can't book it in until the serie a games are locked in for round 36.

Do you know how far in advance the games are "locked in" and officially announced in Serie A?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


I don't know how long before games are "locked in", but they do have a habit of switching kick off times at the last minute.  For example the Genoa derby was due to take place on Sunday lunchtime.  On the Thursday or Friday they went and moved it to Monday!

I'd be surprised if the Milan derby wasn't an evening game.  At the moment they're listing all games far ahead as 3pm Sunday kick offs, so expect it to be moved to the Saturday or Sunday night (depending on the Coppa).

I doubt it'd be a weekday, as I think such an attractive fixture will be at the weekend.
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