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Roma Tickets - wrong DOB

Hi - can anyone give me advice on this one.  I've bought tickets online from Listicket for the Roma - Udinese match on 28 Oct 2015.  I've made a mistake with my sons date of birth, putting it 29 March instead of 23 March.   Is this going to be an issue and should I be trying to get it changed?

Lupo Pazzesco

Sorry for the late reply but try sending Roma Girl a PM as she actually lives in Roma. She's not logged in for a while but I'm sure she can help.

She's your best bet but I reckon you'll be alright especially as it wont be a high security game. Have fun.........Forza Roma!
Roma Girl

Sorry I only saw this now. Hope you managed to get in ok.


Follow up

Thanks for your replies and sorry I didn't get a chance to reply earlier.   We got in with no problem !!

For anyone else going to a match at the Olympic stadium, here is my experience:

We had to show tickets and ID at the very entrance to the stadium grounds.  They did check names on tickets against passports quite carefully, but didn't look at dates of birth.   There is then a body frisk and bag search and you're then free to walk down to the stadium proper.  

Going through the turnstiles, there is another ID check and again they looked at names carefully, but not dates of birth.  There's another bag search and finally you're in.

The security presence is prominent, but did not feel intimidating.  People were courteous.  Maybe because we were British?

Once in the stadium, the atmosphere is great and people friendly.  This was probably a low key game, being on a weekday evening.  It might be different at the weekend when they play Lazio...
Lupo Pazzesco

Great news and you saw an excellent first half performance. That seems to be a current trend where Roma are concerned.......
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