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Livescore mobile app

Just wondering which apps people use or recommend for live scores.

I finally arrived in the 21st century so have an android smartphone now.
I use (same as the one the FI site uses) on a desktop because it updates the scores within seconds, subs, cards, etc but also gives a link to each goal.
They don't have an app or mobile version though...useless!    get with the times already!    we're all on smartphones now!

I have Forza which is pretty good. And I've just downloaded WhoScored. I'm on iOS, so I don't know what's available on Android.

I have to turn them (and Twitter) off if I'm streaming a game, as I tend to be a few seconds behind the app.

I don't have one. But on Tuesday I'm watching the Liverpool / Chelsea match with a friend and as we're watching he says "Sterling's just scored," on the TV its still 0-1 to Chelsea, about 15 seconds later we then see Sterling score.

I'll find out what that app is.

Forza is really good, cheers for that Nino.
I muted it during the Juve game but i accidently left the livescore webpage on the desktop second screen and saw we went 1-0 up about 10 seconds before seeing Pogba rifle it in.

I tried a live score app as well, recommended on twitter, but i struggled with it, feature-wise and function (buggy). Just on my short experience of it.

Ah yeah, was the app I had first but then I deleted it and replaced with Forza. I was trying to think of which app I tried first to tell you in my first post, you reminded me.
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