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Hi all Forza Catania : )

Hi Everyone I'm Knew to the forum but not knew to Italian football.

after years of being a lover of all things Italian football and being a natural I've settled on a team at the start of last season.

Just wondering if there are any other Catania Fans on here or in this country, (I'm thinking there wont be many of us) or if there is anything I should know about the club, Fans etc other then then basics which iv got nailed on pretty well.

Forza Catania

Welcome to the Foro!

I can't think of any other current members who follow Catania, but don't let that stop you. We've got plenty of other topics to discuss until some more Elefanti fans find their way here!

Thanks, Feel like a trend setter now!

Catania seems like an exciting team to follow, especially the last few seasons, not a bad one as choices go. Welcome to the forum, always good to have fans of some of the smaller clubs around.
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