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Best non- Italian club teams ever:

Please, select 5 teams that you think were the best ever, outside Italy. vote for exactlly 5.

You've missed out the Reading team of 2005/06 ???

Re: Best non- Italian club teams ever:

super_dror wrote:
Please, select 5 teams that you think were the best ever, outside Italy. vote for exactlly 5.

That's quite difficult mate, since only 4 of them played in our time.

What is this shit?

Santo get my vote. Zinho and Junior were the best two strikers of that era, scoring over 450 goals during the seven seasons they spent playing for Santo. Fabiano, Joilson, Costa and Rafinha formed a back line that let only let in an amazing 37 goals in 252 games! They won the Campeonato Brasileiro 7 seasons running, and won the Intercontinental Cup no fewer than 5 times during the '60s – beating the likes of Real Madrid and Olimpia Asunción. What a team!

I voted for all of them.

I voted for them all, except for Real Madrid 2002 just to piss Ronaldo off.
Giovanni Lavafiume


In history? Even taking back to the start of the English League the question is utterly meaningless.

What about the Huddersfield Town side which won 3 successive English league titles in the 30s? The Arsenal side under Herbert Chapman? The Wolves team of the mid-late 1950s? Why the 95 Ajax team and not the European Cup-winning one which contained Cryuff? Why not Celtic in 67? Why the 77-78 Liverpool side, rather than the 76-77 side (which won their first European Cup)? And as Gio says, Brian Clough's sides from 78-80 deserve a  mention.

Sorry, super-dror, but this sort of poll is completely pointless. It adds nothing to the forum, and add the ommissions from the poll to the fact that many of the sides were playing before most posters here were born (I can just about remember the 1977 Liverpool team), and all this does is steal bandwith.

Edit - Super_Dror is there any chance that you might post something other than polls of the 'best team ever' nature, please? Fair enough, this is only your second thread (and second post) but simply coming along and putting up polls that the other foro members find rather pointless without you giving any context  or offering opinions isn't very helpful.

is it me or have port vale and walsall recently appeared on the list

ajax catch the eye for me as i'm too young to recall the madrid teams of the past.ajax has produced unquantified amounts of talented players who have gone on to be legends in the game.

What ever happened to super_dror? Its like he laid his egg and then flew away!

The 3 at the bottom are a joke

Where is the great Toronto FC side of 07/08?!

A no-brainer

Domestic = Barcelona 2006 - present

International = Spain 2007 - present

[quote="Dave:14098" Why not Celtic in 67? [/quote]

This might be three years late but.... you don't to piss me off thats why.  
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