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AS Roma Ticket Question

Hi all,

I am travelling to Rome with my girlfriend this week and part of our trip will include watching AS Roma play Empoli. I cannot wait as I have followed Roma since I was little however I am a little worried about the time/date on my ticket which I hope one of you might be able to help me with?

According to the official AS Roma website/Sky Sports/Google the game is set to kick off at 20.45 on 31/01/15 however on my ticket it says the game will take play at 15.00 on the 01/02/15, furthermore my email from Listicket states:

'ROMA vs EMPOLI Serie A TIM 2014/2015 Anticipata al 31/01/2015 ore 20:45 che si terrą in STADIO OLIMPICO di ROMA il 01-Feb-2015-15.00.00'

Is it normal in Italy to display a different date to the scheduled one on the ticket? Or does this mean that the game could take place at either date and will be decided nearer the time?

Many Thanks,


According to this that was a fixture that was moved so was probably initially due to be on 01/02/2015.

The official league website has it down for 31/01/2015.

I think the listicket email is saying "ROMA vs EMPOLI Serie A TIM 2014/2015 brought forward to 31/01/2015 at 20:45 due to be held in STADIO OLIMPICO of ROMA on the 01-Feb-2015-15.00.00"

Listicket probably could've worded the email less robot and more human speak but going by the Lega website it's safe to say the game is on Saturday.

It's normal in Italy for the fixtures to change at short notice so I assume it's normal in Italy for the tickets to have the wrong date/time on them by the time the game comes around.

RomaGirl would know for sure.
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